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Woah..too pays to backup!!

Not happy. We had a blackout last night, and ofcourse that knocked the server out. When it rebooted it did the stupid fsck (File System ChecKer) thing, where you have to fix the drive manually - now last time I had this happen to me, I could never get it to boot, so had to reformat and lost everything.

Now it wouldnt have been so bad this time if I hadn't planned to back up the website the night before, but never did, so as you can imagine I was pretty pissed at putting it off.

Luckily (?) the power went out AGAIN, and when it came back, the server

Site modifications.

Over the weekend I've been working on the looks side of this site and converted it back to

It now has a new logo, both here and in the forums, and I've learnt a bit of CSS, so the sidebar now looks really cool :)

I have a new Phone - tra la la la!

Yes, a nice new Nokia 3310. Arent I special?

In fact, it kinda looks like this:

I have ADSL!!

Welcome to the NEW SERVER!!!!

Yes, I now have broadband again (woohoo!!!) and it's thanks to the great people at Internode Professional Access, and now microGEN is served from my good old to-be-briefcase server again :)

Sloth Gripes

This is all very nice, but why the hell (can I even say that?(I'll let you - aard) Guess its too late now) can I not log into the forums? I'm (edited) an admin for crying out loud! How hard can it be?

I just wanted to post a thing asking why my burner keeps stuffing me around. And where I can get a cheap, decent phone.

Anyway thats enough from me, this post will probly be deleted or edited to (edited) (I dont think I can say that either (You're right. You can't))as soon as I work out how to use the forums ne way.

Tata. Sloth.
EDIT: edited to .......

Name Change?

The admins and I have decided we don't want to make microGEN a specialized hardware site, rather just a community site, and reviews can be a small part of it.

I've created a poll to help us choose a new name for the website :)


Hi everyone, heres a dose of Daily Dilbert

Assuming this webserver have their stuff happening right, and i can do this html right, this should update daily :)

I'll make it sticky so everyone sees it :) [Burn Edit: I Un-Sticky'd It] [Krem edit: You mean you rubbed it in the dirt so its not sticky any more :P]

Dilbert (from

Welcome to microGEN!!

Welcome to microGEN!

Well this is the new website's temporary home. Eventually I willl have it running on its own server, on my DSL connection...all thats lacking is the DSL connection :(

The Website is still in the process of being written. I Have been writing it entirely myself (with the exception of the forums) in PHP with a MySQL backend.

Currently Availabe:

  • Members - DONE - Register an account and use the great community features of this website :)

w00t i can do fancy poo

Hi ppl!

Yes, I can indeed do fancy stuff. And you can't! Sucked in! Hahahahahah! Yeah, anyway check out this Tomb Raider Pic - I liked it :), but maybe its just me.

microGEN kix0rz

Tom woz ere '02