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Hahahaha, What an idiot.

On a road near my house, there is an oval, which is 'fenced' by a fairly high 'wall' of bark chips. Anyway, this fool tried to drive over it to get to the donut heaven on the other side. Basically he got stranded on top with no wheels touching the ground. I managed to snap a really dodgy dark photo, but I lightened it in PSP and you get the idea, needless to say the guy looked pretty pissed after he saw the flash go off :P

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"Oops do you love, Hoo do you love me bay-bee...."

Hey guys, just a quick traff...

The Matrix Reloaded is due out next year (May 16th to be exact), which will be followed up by Matrix Revolutions in November 2003. This site has all the details, and trailers, etc. I suspect that these sequels won't live up to the original (its got a lot to live up to), but tell us what you think.

Saturday morning (2nd try)

Well after IE nicely crashed for me...I'm gonna try to do this again...

Eat drink and LAN!

Hey guys, yes holidays are here finally! W00t! Keep up the posting in the Forums, and I expect to see all you people at Valhalla on the 13th this month.

Oh, and Porsche Unleashed rocks multiplayer, as I have just re-discovered. Not to mention that apparently there is a Need for Speed High Stakes 2 on the way!


Well everybody, it's holidays, and you all know what that means! Slack off that studying for exams, lets make comic. Here's hoping I do! Anyhow, here's the comic for 28/6/02

Festy Comic for 15/06/02

Festy Comic for 15/06/02

More Telstra incompetence...

Apologies to those who complained that festy was down again. I finally got the server all finished and in its briefcase-case, and Telstra's authentication server's have now stopped working properly. Luckily they are working under linux (which my server runs) and so festy is now back...but there is no way for windows users to log onto their ADSL if they're in Australia...lucky them :/

Lah Lah Lah...server changes...

An update came out for ClarkConnect, the software I use on my server, and so I have installed that and updated the PPPoE software it uses to connect to my DSL ISP. Basically, everything should work fine again now :)


Server moved temporarily.

Due to Telstra's incompetence at maintaining a stable DSL network, I have connected my DSL modem directly to my main computer (Athlon 1400) so I can monitor it closely. Unfortunately this meant I had to move festy to it as well, which shouldnt be a problem for the webstie, but it does mean the mail server will be down until I move back to my Linux box, also the Sysinfo page will not work for now, but like anyone cares :P