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We now have dialup.

When it takes exactly 1 min 0 secs to download exactly 14.7k , you know you have dialup. Thank goodness it's only temporary, as the ADSL modem is getting fixed. Of course, this probably makes festy slow, doesn't it?
Anyway, poor Tim's had to stop leeching for a couple of days, I think he's getting withdrawls, or at least bored...
Why does nobody post news in here? Why does nobody ever read in here? Do we need to make anton a News Monkey to get any activity?


Well today its the birthday of one of our members, enaSnI, and in a few days the birthday of king. Hope the weekend is good fun :D

Also I believe this is my first news post, but not having looked at the news history I couldnt tell you.

New Site Launched!

Well I finally chose my domain, and decided that along with that I'd launch my long-time-under-construction new-look website.
Due to the fact it IS still under construction, you may notice strange things, please feel free to let me know about them by mailing me. I hope to start work on the forum theme to match this page tongiht, and hopefully it should be done in a week or so.

Enjoy, and please feel free to use the comments feature to comment on the new look :)

it's been over 2 months...

it's been over 2 months since we heard any news...

and in other news, anton "the pro" has hijacked the Festy Lounge

help save Festy Lounge from spam!

-- Codeman

Ah, technology rules the world, does it not?

Okay then, interesting stuff from an old Popular Science magazine I read today...
Hummer 2 is out, got $58,800 (US) lying around? It whips. Sam says it's been out for a while, but I still want one :)
Either that, or a Creative Labs NOMAD MuVo MP3/WMA player. Size of a cigarette lighter, plugs into USB port, up to 128MB memory, 12 hour continous play life on 1 Alkaline AAA battery, not bad for $169.99 (US) for 128MB or $129.99 (US) for 64MB!

I Love DI

No real reason, I'm just bored...just had to point out that Digitally Imported ROCKS! :)

Digitally Imported, go there because you can!



Hail the mighty slackers!

We have holidays, and lots of time to surf and find interesting things. You would do well to check out and read their news often, they usually have funny stuff there, like for instance this
(translated from the Spanish, it reads "Am I hooked on the video games?" - Babelfish)
Sometimes I wonder about the logic of some of the churches. For instance at this site, click on "dangers to your children!"

Comic for 02/12/02

Comics can be found here.
If it looks ugly, blame it on the resize.
And it must be a cool school if they stick Digital Blasphemy in their classrooms.

We Boldly go where other men have gone before

Well, a while ago we had an excursion to Mt Bold Reservoir, and some people must have got bored and decided to decorate the place a bit. I took some photos for you.
A burnout (On a SIGN!)

An oil patch (used for a traction-lacking surface it would seem)

And what's left of their tires:

Video Cameras

SamBa's been playing with a DV Camera.

View BobTheFish asking an important question (DivX 5.02 Codec needed)

I've you've got bandwidth to waste you can download a clip that features SamBa's car and his cat faded together (5.7Mb)(Someone's been playing with effects in Premiere :p)