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I'd like my news medium rare, please...

People 50 or more years ago predicted some funny things.

E.g. "Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value."
-Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy, 1918.

And "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
-Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM, 1943

Any a few more (prolly not the best site for that kind of thing but hey)


I've decided to take my out my annoyance on the penguins, due to a sudden influx of them in the forums.
Although I've only played it once and got 91.
And it told me it was my highest score! Is that supposed to make me feel good?

Of course, version 2 is better. Check that out as well.
Ooo, raytraced sprites :p

Kill The Penguins!


it's that chocolatey time of year again (yes i know it's not about chocolate but it's a good excuse to eat the stuff)

happy easter :D

-- Codeman

Trance r0x0rz j00!

Ever heard of UltraMax? Some Russian dude who likes his trance home-made. Listen to his music, some of it's not bad.
Oh, and I found his link at Digitally Imported which for some strange reason is a place I've never been.


SAM EDIT: Theres a "Comments" button for a reason codey ;)

Photo Gallery Live!

I finally got around to installing the photo gallery software...its not the best but it does the job pretty darn well.

Anyone who want to be able to add to the gallery must EMAIL ME a user name, and I'll be emailing you back your (changeable) password, so the email address MUST BE REAL.

The gallery is here:

Enjoy the ever growing features of sifnt!!


More News By The Only News Writer

Not really news but.
Bored? Go to Download a few demos, that ought to get rid of both boredom and bandwidth.
Plus, you could make a logo for them, or look at the ones that are there.
Please do the poll so I can find out how many people actually come here and not only the forums.

cheap Athlon XP's!

just letting you know, that have Athlon XP 1800+'s for just $85, order up peoples :D

- Dean

EDIT: It looks like they took that deal off, no cheap 1800+ for us :(

Yay, ADSL back.

Self-explanatory. And fast, too.
(Runs off to play MOHAA)
And can some admin upgrade my priveliges so I can make polls?


Am i the only one who is wondering what sifnt means???

Dean EDIT: Probably, but sifnt is a variation of 'as if not', while sif is a variation of 'as if'. Gotta love slang.

No news...

How come it's gone back to festy again? How strange.
Actually, I posted this because its not my birthday anymore.
Although it probabaly would be nice.