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sifnt LAN 2.0

Well sifnt LAN 2 is very nearly upon us, and I think we're pretty much ready for you all :p

Pretty much anyone is welcome as long as they bring their own computer....I can't supply them anymore sorry guys.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 20th of April 2004) overnight until Wednesday. Just turn up any time Tuesday and stay the night.

UPDATE: v1.2 Completed

Update (v1.2 - 19/04/2004):
- Smilie support now integrated
- Bottom of the news page has a page number selector, so you can go back and read old news
- News posts now count as 10 posts towards your post count, hopefully this will motivate news posts more often...remembering that stupid news posts will be deleted however :p

sifnt LAN Huge Success!

Sifnt LAN (with associated hangers on) rocked off to an (awesome) start at around 8:00pm at Arnie's house, with not much really happening whilst we got the place wired. Sam eventually rocked up bringing another switch, cables and a wireless AP with him and we were set to go.

Around 1 some of the weaker members decided to hit the sack, although how much sleep they got is debatable due to the large amounts of noise made by those who didn't sleep at all. With 11 computers all crammed into the Arnold's lounge room, things were quite a squeeze.

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it, 2004, another year already, one year older, one year wiser, etc. I hope this year turns out great for everyone. Hopefully nobody got TOO drunk last night. :)

Happy New Year!

-- Dea

Just a quickie

Just leting you all know that I've totally re-written the backend of both the Image Upload and Daily Readings scripts.

The Image upload script now automagically generates a thumbnail, and you can use the "use this code to link" code between [dohtml]IN HERE!![/dohtml] tags on the forums and It'll give you the thumbnail as a link to the bigger picture.

The readings script now generates a familiar formatted page, rather than redirecting offsite.

Don't forget to do your readings!!

I said I should add it to the news page...

Well, this place seems to have dulled down a bit lately, so I thought i'd share some stuff i've found or been shown on the net. (added to news page. The thread is here)

Conference Photos

UPDATE: Tim's photos are now all up!

Just a quick note that all the photos taken by my camera at the 27th Australasian Christadelphian Youth Conference are now available at the gallery.

I have made no modifications and very few omissions (like hideous photos of my self, and doubleups for example)...basically because I'm too lazy to just add good ones.



Long time, no news.

Life, its great aint it? You're going along just fine and it kicks you up the know like when you lose your job and Kremlin writes off your car in the same week?

For some great tunes...

I recommend having a look at, there's a lot of really nice songs there (quite a bit of trance too) :D


No Nuse

Sams b day is on this weekend fri 30th

that will be his 20th birthday!! mate u r getting on a bit rnt u old chappy!!

he is looking forward to doing nothing and having nooone over (last reported on tuesday 27th)

due to his heignnesses fickleness he will have changed veiws bout that by now!!

if u have a good idear for it please give me a buzzzzzzzzz (otherwise we can all be sads!!)

oh well happy b day sammy!!!!

have a god day and a happy new year!! hopefully u can score in the year to come!!!!