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After a lot of umming and ahhing the official date of the 6/9/04 was chosen for going to the show.

A "soopledouus" time was had by all!

The highlight of the show was the "dada" boys, who rocked the world with their awesome outfits! The studs walked right down the centre of the show, parachute pants and silk tops! Homie G's in the house!

Study Night

Well, the study night was a very good social event, but apart from that it was a mess!

All in all it went well.

Started with a BBQ tea cooked by me and Tim, Grease ++++++ (must bring some lights with me next time, that was wrong!)

Then we did a reading and went on to study.
In this period a lot of ( and other references came up!

Sifnt Bowling

Sifnt bowling event was rather crud.

Attending peoples were Anton, Sam, Tim, Tam, Chloe, Caleb, Aaron, Bonnie, Peter Arnold, James (Hyndman), Sarah kemp and the two Wigzill people.

2 pathetic games of bowling were held. Yes i still say that bowling is pathetic!

Useless game, come on, how pathetic! Throwing balls at some skittles, i mean like get a life guys.

Oh well.
After we went to maccas and anoyed the hell out of Pete Jolly as he didnt come!

Update: Major Downtime Averted!

Update 25/07/04
The side-grade to ADSL all went sweet and sifnt had a grand total of about 5 minutes, because Cable and ADSL overlapped a bit :). I'd better change those footnotes on each page at some point, as they are now incorrect!

Well, Telstra have been generous enough to change the Terms and Conditions on Cable enough so I can disconnect without a disconnection fee.

Sifnt Weekend a success!

The Sifnt Weekend has come and gone, and much fun was had by all.

The Go-Karting ended up not running due to lack of numbers, so we all went bowling instead, which was a top event nonetheless. Each of us had two games in semi-darkened lanes (with music and UV lights), which turned out pretty well.

After this came the Laser Skirmish, of which there were three 10 minute rounds, in a darkened, two storey area.

Best browser EVOR!

Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Released!

The sifnt Weekend


Well, the sifnt weekend is approaching fast.

This will be the biggest sifnt event so far. For those who are blind enough to have not seen this as yet, or for those who have forgotten, this is the general program for the weekend;

Saturday June 12 (Evening): Kart Mania Grand Prix
- 8 Lap Practice

sifnt Soldat Server Now Available.

Update 25/06/04
The old links were broken, the download links have been updated with new working ones.

Update 18/05/03 17:49:
The maplist is now set, and it looks like this:
- Shau
- Storm
- Rok
- MrSnowman
- Jungle
- Bunker
- Bridge
- RatCave

Image upload available to all members.

On a trial basis only the sifnt image script is now available for use by all sifnt members, where it was only previously available to Moderators and Admins.

The reason it is only on a trial basis for now is that I'm not sure how abused it is going to be, so I'm leaving myself the option of removing the priveledge anytime without warning.

The rules are simple:
Images uploaded to may ONLY be used on and it's hosted websites, NOWHERE ELSE. v1.2.1 Complete (Updated 05/05/2004)

Update 06/06/2004:
Image Script:
- Will stay open to all members indefintely, and measures to keep abuse down are currently in progress.
- Now intergrated into the forums, all thumbnails are max 200 pixels by default, the choice is no longer available. See this thread for more information.

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