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Welcome SYP People!

If you are just after the talk downloads, please Go here.

Anton has been working on a webpage which will contain a database (With downloads) of any talks from Christadelphian events which he can get his hands on, so feel free to give it a browse :).

We're still around!

Everyone is still around on sifnt, it's just that we've been mainly using the Forums instead (link on left).

Some day we'll get some material to add to the main page, but until then, drop in and say hi, and become part of the little community that is sifnt :)

-- Dean

Valhalla been and gone.

The recent sifnt excursion to Valhalla LAN is now quite over. The LAN was about 350 people at its peak, held in the St Clair Recreation Centre and going from 3pm yesterday to about 7am this morning. Seven forum members were at the terrible scene, being myself, Tam, big_johnson, Wachthund, Sam, Kremlin, BobtheFish, with a sadly brief guest appearance from Alone during the night.

sifnt hacked!

A few hours ago, we had some people take over sifnt, deleting the accounts of three admins, and generally causing havoc. Hence, the sifnt database has been restored to the last nightly backup, and all posts between now and then have been deleted.

Once we find out who's responsible, some justice shall be dealt out.

(gets out baseball bat)

-- Dean

Firefox 1.0.4 & Thunderbird 1.0.2

Firefox has come a long way and is now developing beyond the v1.0 milestone. In short, it kicks IE's but.

There are some other alternatives out there like Maxthon and Opera, but for the best all round performance and style, Firefox is the way to go. If you don't have it then GET IT!

Some useful facts...

Popup Blocking

moovie night

If people didnt see the funny side in this than go tell someone who gives a rats!!!!

This story was portrayed to you by Antons Fables

Sorry big edit as some christos have been having a spack about this!!!!

Come and talk to me if u have an issue!!
And %90 of the time they are the mnost hypocritical people that initially have a prob!!!!!

sifnt LANs 4 and 5 announced.

Advance notice for the next two upcoming LAN events has been announed in the form of an article, and I have now included a comments feature as part of the article script so all discussion should happen there.

- [sifnt] LAN 4 - To be held sometime during the November Holidays.
- [sifnt] LAN 5 (UBER EDITION) - To be held either on the second last or last weekend in January.

Sifnt LAN #15689962 (v3)

Well, its all over. Al0ne is tucked in bed, with his head under the covers, and everone else has left for work, UNI, or whatever other meaningless errands that had to be ran.

The LAN started on Wednesday night, a night which was seeming inconvenient for 3 older members of Sifnt. Despite this, the LAN went on, and we had to new attendees's, Slink and Darklord(?).

Added BitTorrent Tracker

With a bit of work I have intergrated a BitTorrent Tracker into sifnt. The main reason for doing so is to reduce the bandwidth load on my poor ADSL connection when something like the sifnt LAN video is released.

Firefox 1.0 Preview Released!

The first non-development version of the World's Best Browser has just been released! Check out the forum discussion here and download the browser here.