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Hi All,

Very soon the main sifnt web services (Mail and primary Web Server) will be gradually moved to a new server, at a new location. The main reasons for this move are the following:

- Faster server
- More reliable server (Most notably the hard drives are server grade and will be in RAID1 for redundancy)
- Redundant Internet Links - currently two with a possible third later
- Much better ventilation - the server is actually hosted in a properly air conditioned server room, rather than a hot unventilated cupboard
- Less downtime - At the moment if the server or internet connection dies, I have to call my parents' house and hope someone is home or drive 45 minutes out there to fix it. From now on the server will less than 10 minutes drive from me most of the time which means things will get fixed faster
- New Operating System and software versions - The old Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) install is now over 2 years old, unsupported and getting a little long in the tooth; the new server is running Gentoo 2006.1 and should be much easier to keep up-to-date.

Bender itself isn't going anywhere, and will be remaining in use at Ridgehaven as a file server and webserver - just not of the main website. The new server has been named 'Nibbler' in line with my usual Futurama naming theme. The specs of the new server can be viewed here:

The mail server will be the first thing to move, which will hopefully happen in the next week or so. To ensure that this is a nice seamless and transparent process, please make sure you are using or to collect your mail and not any other address, otherwise once the server moves homes you will no longer be able to pick up your new mail.

I haven't turned on authenticated SMTP yet and may not bother, so please use your ISP's mail server to send mail with your mail client (e.g.

I'll keep everyone informed as things happen.


Forum thread:

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トリーバーチ靴 トップモデルや女優がこぞって愛用、 トリーバーチ サンダル NYの大人気ブランド! トリーバーチ ハイヒール 2004年にNYのノリータ地区にショップをオープンして以降、瞬く間にお洒落な顧客を増やし人気のブランドに発展したTory Burch 。 トリーバーチ通販 人気のフラットシューズばかりでなく、 トリーバーチ ショルダーバッグ トータルで揃えることの出来るブランド。 トリーバーチ トートバッグ セレブ愛用も多い。海外セレブに愛用者が多いことでも知られるニューヨーク発の人気ブランドトリーバーチ。 トリーバーチ ブーツ トリーバーチというと、どうしてもバレエシューズやビーチサンダルなどのシューズや靴、 トリーバーチ ベルトそしてトートバッグなどのバッグのイメージがありますが、 トリーバーチ 財布も侮れません。当店の トリーバーチ ベルト は、 トリーバーチ 正規代理店から仕入れた正規品です! Tory Burch より次々と発表される新作 toryburchをいちはやく販売いたします。 トリーバーチ ベルトは、ようこそトリーバーチ専門店に、 トリーバーチ フラットシューズ 我々は最大のTory Burch Belt オンラインストアの一つであり、すべての格安トリーバーチ レザーベルトは送料無料、 toryburch 財布 品質の問題が見つかりました内の商品が表示されたら、我々はあなたに無料で交換を与えることができます。トリーバーチ ポーチ トリーバーチバッグはアメリカでのはりウッドセレブをはじめ、 トリーバーチ ミッドヒール 大人気なブランドです。 Tory Burch Bagsはシンプルなデザインにもかかわらず、高級感やファッションなどの特徴と言えて大人気ですよ。本革レザーで作って丈夫で奇麗に発色します。トリーバーチtory burchの鞄の中でもトリーバーチトートは特に人気があります。 トリーバーチ ハイヒール

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There are certain types of fungi that are present in the human body. One of these is the Candida which when it overgrows can cause problems. Overgrowth of Candida Albicans in particular causes a fungal infection which can affect both sexes. For you to be aware whether or not you have been infected by the overgrowth of this fungus,UGG shop, you need to determine the signs of yeast infection. It can affect the different parts of the body, but the most common is in the vagina. They are not really serious, but they can be very annoying and disturbing. When you feel your vagina is itching and burning specifically inside and on the skin that is surrounding the vagina, it is very possible that you are probably infected. When you notice that the itchiness becomes uncomfortable and unpleasant, the fungi might have slowly concentrated in that area. Apart from those earlier symptoms, you might also notice that the skin in the same area is dry and flaky. That could also be a sign that you are infected with the overgrowth of Candida albicans. Another thing, which can also be considered as one of the signs of yeast infection,nike shox, is the thick and white curd-like vaginal discharge. It will look like cottage cheese. Usually it is odorless, but sometimes it could smell like bread or yeast which is used for baking. Apart from the symptoms that you can normally feel in the vaginal area, there are other distinct signs which can tell that you have this fungal infection. Among these other signs of yeast infection are nausea or vomiting, redness and soreness of the vaginal area, anal itching, swelling of the vulva, appearance of some small red bumps on the skin near your vagina and pain in the pelvic area during urination, penetration,, erection or ejaculation. Feeling pain in your sexual organ right after sexual intercourse is also one indicator of a possible infection. Candida infection is not something that could give you severe sickness, which might kill you. However, if mistreated or disregarded, it could worsen into something very disturbing, embarrassing and unpleasant.
When Mother Nature strikes, she makes sure that everybody pays off. Studies have proved that tsunamis have killed over 70,000 people in the 20th century. This number can be very alarming. Despite the increasing number of tsunamis destroying infrastructure, plantations,manteaux moncler, ad life, tsunami prediction remains at its early stage. In the past, people used primitive cues to detect a tsunami. As technology advanced, complex satellite data were made and detecting the killer waves became a lot easier. Experts say that the best spots to predict tsunamis are those where earthquakes are like felt. Here are some tips for tsunami prediction. 1.Run a computer simulation of earthquake effects in different locations on the globe. Do this right after the occurrence of an earthquake with an epicenter in the ocean. This will help you find out where the tsunami is more likely to hit. 2.If you want to find out if a tsunami has started,nike shox, use a pressure sensor at the bottom of the ocean. It needs experts to do this. But by doing so, you will also have an idea as to how large it would be. 3.Then, start mapping the locations of areas that are most likely to be affected by the wave. Relate this to the information collected by your satellite and other geological data that exist. 4.The most common visual indicator that a tsunami is fast approaching is a retreating shoreline. This is an evidence that a tsunami is currently building. To gauge how large the wave is, check how far the water is receding. 5.Check earthquake hot zones. There are earthquake hot zones. The "ring of fire" in the Pacific is a hot zone. After the occurrence of an ocean earthquake, check elevation maps. This will help predict as to which areas are most likely to be hit by the tsunami. 6.Consider earthquake prediction data. This may include new uses for satellite data. As mentioned earthquake predictors give warning that a tsunami is about to occur. Mother Nature is beautifully complex. Despite the advancements in technology, some people still believe that the killer waves are nature"s way of making revenge and punishing the human world for their harmful treatment of the environment. Understand the complexities of the environment more through Beachtown. Beachtown is the newest gaming application on Facebook. It gives players the chance to create a virtual world of the beach. More than just that, it also gives them the chance to learn more about the issues affecting the environment today. Play BEACHTOWN Game now on FACEBOOK!

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CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME INTRODUCTION Most human activities use the hands. Those nerves in your hand needs to be softened and relaxed again to get rid of the pains. The clock is ticking. We all want to live a life without the pain. What is Carpal Tunnel? The median nerve is a nerve that runs down the arm and forearm and the only nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel. Irritation of the median nerve in this manner causes tingling and numbness of the thumb,UGG Boots, index,nike shox norge, and the middle fingers, a condition known as "carpal tunnel syndrome". The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome start gradually. The carpal tunnel is the space between this sheath (above) and the bones (below) making up the forearm and hand. What are the symptoms? The reason symptoms are worse at night may be related to the flexed-wrist sleeping position and/or fluid accumulating around the wrist and hand while lying flat. Carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs only in adults. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome primarily suffer numbness and tingling of the hand in the distribution of the median nerve, including the thumb,nike shox canada, index, middle, and part of the fourth fingers. If carpal tunnel is untreated, the muscles at the base of the thumb may be wasted. Carpal Tunnel Treatments If the CTS is occupation-related as in the case of keyboard workers, modify your activities, like adjusting computer keyboard and chair for maximum comfort. If you have confirmed the alarming carpal tunnel syndrome news, what shall you do? Treatments for carpal tunnel could cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. You will feel great and free from carpal tunnel pains in your every day life. These trips to see doctors, physiotherapists,moncler Femme, massage therapists and acupuncture made the computer programmer expenses increase to a whopping 690. Be able to sleep well and soundly without being agitated when your hands and wrists hurts in the middle of your sleep. You need to cure these pains so you can continue to live normally just like before you had these pains. Knowing how you got carpal tunnel syndrome is the best bet and the best way to find the cure for you. Carpal tunnel is a condition where the carpal canal is squeezed together within the tunnel and cause too painful feeling and usually with numbness of the wrists through the hands. The wrists pain can get more and more painful of carpal tunnel each attack that it wakes you up in the middle of the night. Those sleepless nights are just irritating. Carpal tunnel is a condition that makes it hard for the patient to grip and hold things. Common carpal tunnel questions: You want to find out why steroid and cortisone injections can cause muscle tissue layers to thin and weaken which puts more stress on other muscles and tendons forcing them to work harder. You want to learn how to stop spending money on expensive medical, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture bills which mean more money in your pockets. Carpal tunnel system benefits: Another way to avoid the carpal tunnel illness is to try to change your lifestyle a little bit. Carpal tunnel is very uncomfortable to have. An important step in carpal tunnel system prevention is to take good care of your health, maintain a healthy weight,ugg boots ireland, stop smoking and do regular exercise. Carpal tunnel syndrome is more of the tingling sensations in the wrists to the hands and tips of the fingers. The carpal tunnel system will also provide you with home remedy tips in the early stages of wrist pains. Professional therapy is optional at the early carpal tunnel symptom stage. The carpal tunnel system will show you simple ways but effective techniques to help heal those aching hands and wrists without the need to visit your doctor's office every week. Other carpal tunnel tips include hand and wrist exercises that are also advisable when you are feeling such early pains. Exercising the hands and wrists may reduce the risk of carpal tunnel. Conclusion Act now and you shall gain the freedom from carpal tunnel pains. Most of those who suffer from carpal tunnel just let is pass and taken for granted not knowing that this is a serious health issue. All you need is listen and believe in the step-by-step carpal tunnel system and that this system will make your pain and suffering go away. Carpal Tunnel Treatment

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There are few joys that exceed watching youngsters play with their playthings. It is normally the consequences that are tough to deal with. It consists of an assortment of dolls trucks,UGG Boots, mini cooking sets, blocks and lots of other unidentifiable items that make a variety of sounds when stepped on after being left on the floor. When the time is right to teach children to pick up their own playthings and put them away, parents will want the right tools to encourage them. A toy box or toy chest is just the thing. These are simple wooden boxes designed with a cover that are available in a assortment of sizes that youngsters can put their toys in when playtime is finshed. A great project for parents can be building a toy box for their kids. This guide will help. Required tools and materials Two 1 x 10 boards,nike shox dame, 4 feet long One 1 x 8 board, 6 feet long 3/4" thick Plywood or particleboard, Three hinges with screws that open past 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees Six 2 1/2",nike shox nz, double-wide corner braces with screws Sandpaper Satin polyurethane spray finish Wood glue Handsaw or Circular saw Screwdriver Drill Four plate thick, soft rope (for handles) 4 bun feet 4 felt pads (to go under the feet) 10 brackets Tape measure Instructions Step one: Cut out the pieces for the toy box Using tape measure, Measure and tag 135 inches on the 2 1 x 10 boards that are 4 feet long and cut with the saw. What will remain are 2 1 x 10 in pieces 34 long and 2 1x10 pieces 135 inches long. Cut the particle board to 32.5 x 135 inches or have it cut for you at a lumberyard. Make the double lid in this design by cutting the 1 x 8 board straight down the center. Step two: piece together the cut pieces On a even surface, screw six corner braces in to position, 2 on the each one of the longer sides and one on each of the two shorter sides that will be the bottom of the toy box. Join the 32.5 x 135 inch particle board with the other sides of the braces. Step three: Add the lids Screw the six trap hinges into place. The lids will swing so that they lie clean against both sides of the box when open for easy access to playthings. Step four: Disassemble, sand add holes for handles This is to put on the finishes and paint without getting any on the braces, screws and hinges. Take all of these off and put them away. Sand all the pieces of wood smooth to prevent splinters later Drill two 1/2" or 5/8" diameter holes in each end of the box to be used for handles Step five: Apply finish Spray a clear polyurethane finish on the wood, interior and exterior. If you want to paint the box another colour or add other designs, do this before the polyurethane finish is put on. Step six: When the finish is dry reassemble the box, using wood glue to reinforce all the corners. Be sure not to apply wood glue to the lid. Pass heavy, soft rope through from the outside, tying overhand knots on the interior. Step seven: Add the feet and complete Attach the feet 2 inches from both the length and width edge of the box. Screw downwards from the inside of the box. Add furniture glides to provide movement and prevent damage to wood floors. Your toy box is ready to use! Tips and warnings: Apply polyurethane spray in an open area using masks and goggles. Also use masks and goggles when sanding and drilling.
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