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YC09 Photos

My YC09 (Youth Conference '09, Sydney) photos are up in the gallery (almost) as they happen.


Sam turns 25!

The title says it all.

the founder of sifnt turning one year older and one year balder.

happy 25th at his b'day party.

The married couples.

Well seeing as no one has updated this in a long time i thought i would take the privlege to update this and tell you what is happening.

Tom and Sarah have been married and so have Tim and Tam.

Hebron Study Weekend 2007 Photos

My photos from the 2007 Hebron Study Weekend are up, and videos should follow sometime this week when I have a chance to cut them down to a manageable size.

sifnt Photo Gallery Updated

sifnt Photo Gallery

I've bitten the bullet and upgraded the sifnt photo gallery software to Gallery2, for a whole bunch of reasons but mostly because of how easy it is to add photos to it using iPhoto.

sifnt TV Launches!

sifnt TV

sifnt TV is a weekly Video Podcast hosted Matt Johnson, Hary Gurd and myself discussing our views and opinions on the various TV shows we?ve watched over the past week.

We plan to shoot each episode Wednesday or Thursday nights with the release on the sifnt TV website happening on Saturday evenings.

Web Server Migration in Progress

Hi All,

If you are reading this, it means you are successfully viewing the new Web Server!

I've done a rush job, because I have very little time, but it's pretty obvious to me that Bender needs replacing pretty badly, which it will be, but it will no longer be the primary Web Server.

Due to this rush job, a lot of things will seem broken, please report them to me as you find them and I'll get them all fixed as quickly as possible.

Mail Server Migration Complete

Update 7:30 22/05/2007: The mail server migration appears to have been a success. All mail has been migrated to the new server and new mail is being received successfully.

There's also a brand new Webmail system implemented at, give it a go and let me know what you think! :).

Server Upgrades Incoming!

Hi All,

Very soon the main sifnt web services (Mail and primary Web Server) will be gradually moved to a new server, at a new location. The main reasons for this move are the following:

- Faster server
- More reliable server (Most notably the hard drives are server grade and will be in RAID1 for redundancy)
- Redundant Internet Links - currently two with a possible third later
- Much better ventilation - the server is actually hosted in a properly air conditioned server room, rather than a hot unventilated cupboard

Welcome Glenlock Visitors

If you've come here in search of talk dowloads you're in the wrong place, you are looking for:

I should also have my photos of the camp up shortly in the photo gallery.

Thanks for your visit.